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Jiri Krejci​

I started diving on colourful reefs of Indian Ocean, during my two-year work stay on Zanzibar. I immediately fell in love with the diverse marine life that felt so new and bizarre, and I just wanted to see more. I still remember the thrill of my first night dive, when the luminescent plankton was shining around me in thousands of sparks, as well as the adrenaline of the first deep dive. When I was leaving the island, I was hooked and enchanted.

My diving passion led me into mysterious jungles of Yucatan, that are hiding entrances into the Mayan underworld, iconic cenotes. Those are luring divers into their crystal-clear waters, and they made me stay for a whole year. I became divemaster on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef that is lining the coast, where I realized how fragile and endangered the marine environment is. I decided to motivate people to its protection by showing them its beauty.

Unfortunately, the covid pandemic chased me away from the warm Caribbean and I exchanged it for dark, cold magic of European rivers and emerald alpine lakes. That made me grow into new skills like dry suit and technical diving. In 2021 I settled in Malta and recently became an instructor. I am enjoying all aspects of local wrecks - from the fascinating history of X127, through abundant life on Patrol Boats, to stunning size of Um El Faroud. Come and explore them with me!